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The Vision

Lets see how close i get when its finished to my thoughts right now.

there is an “alley” on the left ( topside) that has some pots and paver and NEEDS a french drain, so that needs a total rip up and leveling, i intend to create a growing area there for plants and cover it with corrigated transparent poly as it has a large tree above it so i need to get as much light in as possible and direct sun rarely hits the area.

i’ll do this without touching the fence so its independent and aslo the roof will be slopping so the leaves from teh tree , which it drops HEAPS, will be able to wash off when it rains.

the shed roof is mostly metal with just 2 transparent areas, so i’m going double the transparent as once again the shed is under the tree, i’ll do sections on the right and the left to get as much natural light into the shed but as it does get sun we need to think about heat in summer.

the shed has HUGE metal doors, they need to be removed and replaced with french doors and a new facade in total.

inside there is 1 window facing the back garden and thats where the work table will be so a nice view whilst working.

the concrete floor is of course after 30+ years stained with grease, paint etc so that will need to be cleaned and i think a little diamond grinding would be good as i intend to give it a protective coat, kinda a gloss concrete look.


the left inside wall is going to be a framed feature wall made on recycled pallet wood and distressed in a white wash.

the very back wall is currently think vertical paneling as is the right wall, still debating what to do but it seems its heading for solid white painted, this will make a present very dark shed into a very bright light area which will be great for flower design.

the inside roof we are currently go to leave alone as its a galvenised iron colour.

the roof cross metal tube beams are ugly so i think i’ll cover them with a white wood or maybe just paint them white.

the outside is currently green, so we are considering painting it white as well creating a barn yard look, but i think we’d need an accent colour to break it all up.



The Beginning

This first post will be long winded but i’ll break them down into smaller pieces in future.

what we have is a metal shed with a horizonal wood  ( 2×4 ) frame, its very simple and very well thought out.

its 4.2m long, 2.5 meters wide with just 3 metal tube frames, front , middle, back, these are then joined with bolts by 4.2m one piece wood, bottom, middle , top, the roof is metal tubing support on a 30degree angle, on top of them once again are 3 long beams on left and right creating a very strong structure.

the roof is covered with corrigated metal and the sides are square corrigated panelling.

all this is then bolted to a thick concrete slab which SLOPS from back left to front right, the reason for this is the land is on a hill and water comes through the neighbours YARDS downhill and then hits CONCRETE.

i’ll be putting in a significant “french drain” topside to prevent water coming in for the future.

the concrete may slop but the builders made the frame perfectly level from the bottom beam up, this slop wouldn’t be a problem but i intend to put french doors on the front so framing a sloping door jam should be fun for a novice.

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