The Green Wall

Along the backfence ( north west) it gets morning sun and by the heat of the day its back in shade 1/dec , probably more in jan then sliding back for winter.
the plan is the plants will be string enough by the time more sun hits them, so far i’ve lost 50% of my rocket in 1 month due to some extremely hot days.

the structure places NO weight on the fence, its all diverted downwards to the ground, the wood is held by just an angle bar made from that long metal they put on houses to keep it all square, so just 4 nails each.
i then screw in the bottle top lidand screw the cut bottle into it, i then screw the next bottle top through the lid into the wood and out to the base of the plastic bottle.

HINTS: peel labels off bottles as you get them, cut the bottle 1/3rd so you still have side walls and horizontal strength. PRE drill a whole in the lids and bottle base as they are to strong to just do it on the fence, drill rope hole after cutting the side out.

the rope trickles water from the top to the bottom, i’ll eventually put a small raised bed at the base, all in all a very space saving garden for things like lettuce, strawberries etc