I saw people growing spuds in large drums and “towers” of hay made from wird cages but i couldn’t source one but the building sites have heaps of reo and concreting black plastic.

I first bent th ereo into a best a circle as i could, then i had some left over electrical cord and tied it up at the base there are some reo spikes which i pushed into the ground.

then made a loop of black plastic and made sure it covered the bottom, with drainholes in the plastic.

it looks messy but functional, so i tidied it by wrapping in a layer of plastic.

then added the soil mix of soil, compost, sand, organic potting mix and bark, this is my first time growing spuds so ? who knows? the level is only 1/4 of the way up so i can top up as they grow

i bought seeding potatoes to increase my odds + for $8 i got 15 and i’ll plant them all, then i will be able to continue knowing the new spuds are from good stock, i’ve chosen dutch cream.

my intention now is to wait for the green tops to come up and start filling the bag, i am going to use sawdust from here on up.

i created a lid only because we are having large amounts of rain right now and i’d like to control the watering as potatoes don’t like extremely wet soil.


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