Potting benches

Whipped up some potting benches today for helena, she is growing succulents so i nice shady/motled sun location is good.


this area of the yard is the north, we have a 2 story house next door you can see that is very close to the boundary, then we have over hanging trees, then as the sun heads south its caught in the neighbours backyard huge pine tree.

so the grass never grows and its always damp. the ground slops quickly so i leveled the benches-ish with bricks.

anyway, once again simple construction. 4 legs, cross beams.

i’m going to put in a shelf under the table about 1/3 up from ground for another growing bench and then helena can store pots on the ground underneath.

once she moves the plants from the old tables you will be able to walk around each bench for easy access.

under the table top there is a thin piece of wood which i nailed through to keep the slats seperated, 1 front and back, then i flipped it over. i then put ONE nail in the front middle going into the front beam, this way the slats stay with gaps for drainage and they can’t fall off/through.

2-benches one-bench shelves table-top