Green House P3 – door, floor and planting/growing benches

Door, as its not a feature i’m just going to wip one up that functions.

Floor, i think black plastic to stop grass then gravel on top. also note that at the back of the house behind the wall is black plastic for the same reason as there is only 5cm gap from house to fence


I made a start on the door, as i said ” nothing fancy “, i haven’t glued/screwed it yet but you can see the general view, you will see 2 cross beams in the center, the reason is the sides are 1 piece of wood and now i have set it out ans cut the cross beams i will cut through the side wood and thus have a good fit together as i want a door top and bottom so i can open just the top to moderate the internal green house temperature.

doori used the table saw to make the joins, set you blade to be half the depth of the wood, the EASIEST way to do this is to get a peice of scrap , do your setting and cut through both side of the scrap, if it cuts its to high !!!, you want it to be so the blade ALMOST cuts through then you know you have the right height.



then measure or place the cross beam over and mark the width.

NOTE: watch out, this method creates tiny pieces that seem to be aimed at your head !!!!, what i did was place a piece of board a few cm above the blade and just infront of the high point of the blade , the pieces get stuck in the blade and then thrown at you by the back of the blade

door-cornersthe purests will now hate me, YES you can use a router but i couldn’t be bothered as i haven’t made any jigs yet.

cut the mark and then move the wood across slightly, ideally you would be using a table sled, once you have a gap from your mark, JUST quickly cut lines wherever, do’nt even think about it as you do this move you wood on angle so it cuts through the lines, change angle of cuts. that should take you 30 seconds, then flip it over and with a hammer knock out the wood which should leave you with a very uneven surface.

now take your wood the the highest point and slide it sideways gently till you get the hang of it, do this and it will flatten perfectly the cut as you can see, i DID NOT use a chisel to achieve that.

The door is ready and just clamped with glue and screws.

i’ve also laidout the design for the inside so it can accommodate plants of various sizes and stages of growth,

so a combination of large pots for toms,caps,cucs,zucs, tall spaced shelves for harvest plants like herbs and lettuces, low shelves for seedlings.

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below is a joined image of the inside layout.

i started putting the shelves together, every thing is fitting nicely, tomorrow i’ll level the up from the slopping ground.

so i started with an empty floor, i set up shop inside because it was about to rain, proved a good idea.

so as usual i created the sides mirrored then simply stood them up and clamped cross beams until i had it standing by itself, then squared it all up, pre-cutting makes it hard to not get a square, i’ll finish all the shelves as i’m just using a drill, just 1 to go and then i’ll switch to the table saw to cut the shelf wood, i’m using fence boards like the potting benches.

I finished the last shelf, a nice square one, i create the 2 sides then clamped them vertical to put the sides in, once you have done the 3rd side you are best to flip it to complete, secure or complet 1 shelf to give the gap strength otherwise you’ll put to much pressure on the screws.

then i cut thin fencing wood as shelves with gaps and cut the into the sides as well so gain all space, the rest of the space in the green house is for the tall plants in pots like tomatoes, beans etc

so the square shelve will be for seedlings, this area gets the most sun the middle section ( you haven’t seen laidout yet)  for as they get repotted to grow and then into large pots in self watering bags on the ground.

the other shelves will be for lower height harvesting plants like lettuce, herbs, etc

i’ve now put the table saw in the green house, its great as its been raining, i’m now cutting the wood for the shelf planks. once that is done i can lay the inside out and level up the shelves from the sloping ground.

all ready for planting seeds, here’s a excel doc of planting months. planting >>>