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SO, after weeksssssssssss of thought anf gathering recycled stuff i need i pretty much have EVERYTHING i need to complete the studio.


So i have broken the project down into many bite sized pieces.

the sky: yep…..light ! the shed has a HUGE overhanging tree from the top neighbour ( i say top as their land is above ours so we get all their water runoff ! )

i have got onto the roof  and cut the tree back majorly, we still want the tree for shade but we also need sunlight so now i’ve made it so it lets in @ 30% more light which should be fine, +++ i have cleaned the roof of foliage which has basically composted on the galvanised roof, thankfully NO rust and it looks almost NEW now !

top alley: this is the space between the top fence line and the shed, this is where i need to create the french drain, pavers and new roofed area to stop leaves building up as well as perhaps a storage area for pots?

french drain: ” huge job as it means connecting to UN connected shed water runoff to the main drains which is @ 15 meters

pavers: a lot of digging to get it all level, i have to take then under the height of the shed floor as in the past the run off from the houses up the hill all came down HIT the pavers and then just SKIPPED straight into the shed wall which isn’t waterproofed !!!

roof: this involves adding more semi transparent roof sheets and new guttering

inside: well this is broken down into more subsections as this is where its all happening.

powerpoints: the power was put in by ??? so it needs to be totally checked, i can find an “earth” so that worries me and i am NOOOOOOOO good with electricity but i know danger when i see it.

left wall: thats the pallet wood feature wall

back wall: this will be white and have a feature mirror LARGE to add the dimension of space

right wall: this will also be white and have shelving all the way along it, it also has a window out to the back yard

the window: this is being replaced and enlarged but in the same ISH location

the bench: the current work bench but raised up for ergonomics, also this will add a shelf low down underneath

the pink draws: these will go under the mirror, but will not be pink, helena will sand it backa nd do what she wants.

butchers block: i will be making a butchers board to be the new top of the pink draws

french doors: mammoth task !!!! , removing the existing large heavy metal doors and levelling of the concrete to then create a 2.6m door frame containing french doors and 2 side glass panels !!! and i have never done any of this before.

the concrete: once again a mammoth task, 10 sq meters of 30yr old concrete and i want to grid it down to concrete and aggregate to create a new look, then etch it and seal it, should be fun and a lot of concrete dust !!!

outside walls: well they will all need to be painted to get rid of the horrible ARMY GREEN, but still deciding on the grand plan and colour? mostly which with charcoal i think

growing: thats now downhill which you can see from the window, i’ve had to chainsaw some trees to get more light into the area and it looks great. i have sheets of metal that i need to build frames for to make the bench tops but last weekend i made 8 “saw horses” for the tops to sit on .

2nd shed: we need to buy a small bunnings shed so we can put the garden tools etc inside to free up room in the studio, $200 and lay a slab is well worth it and we have the perfect spot, the stuff going into the shed is the kinda stuff that “you have BUT hardly use” !

water: good opportunity for a water tank as a lot of water from the roof could be harvested as it is @ 3-4 meters ABOVE the growing area, i also have a spot that i could put a tank so it would just gravity feed when needed.

Well its a big project and so far i have taken heaps of photos so i’ll get a gallery ASAP, but breaking it down helps you focus on doing 1 thing at a time.

i have also created an excel doc that details everything and then i moved them all into priority so i can now easily see whats next and stay focused.

this is IMPORTANT, it will save you work, its pointless painting a wall and then grinding concrete and getting that dust IN the paint !!! is just 1 example.