Raise bed garden wall

Here i made 2 sections of raised beds, 2.4m lenghts of pallet wood and some side pieces into a box so i don’t harm the fence from dirt touching the fence.

i then pitch forked the ground to loosen the soils,covered with newspaper and wet, then lettuce leave from coles ( they just give them to you) and then added my own compost, then potting mix, dynamic lifter and a bag of compost all watered in well.

I then put rows of metal stuff? i got it for $3 at the “dump store” , they are worth a look, they keep things people through out and sell it cheap, i got some pots there for 10cents each.

the trellace is for snow peas which i have planted at the back, i then put basil in the widdle and water melon in the front as i expect to grow it our onto the grass.

So far the snow peas are progressing well, i’ve lost 50%+ of my basil due to hot day and the watermelon is being slowwwwww, but all in all an efficient use of a small space.