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January 2019

Well xmas was full on but i have been back into it, i’ll still need to upload images but i have HEAPS so it will all come together.

all the plans are set just the schedule of what to do when keeps changing, I’ve put the new skylights poly carbonate sheets on the roof and its had an AMAZING difference to the internal lighting, its PERFECT4 times as much light coming in now !!!!

I have spent ALL january on the upside of the shed and NOT in the shed, its been a nightmare ! over the years the tree overhanging has dropped leaves which turnd into compost which turned into dirt and raised the level of the ground ABOVE the height of the shed slab thus the fact it kept flooding, so i HAVE TO fix it before i can do anything in the shed.

but it means removing @ 1/2 a cubic meter of dirt and i have now found out under that is CLAY, harddddddd clay even after heavy rain so its really hard digging.

the plan is to remove the dirt and dig down below the slab height, low enough to put in pavers, i actually fond 30 year old pavers under the dirt so i have removed them for later refitting.

then i have to put in french drains so it never floods again

what i am doing now is building the roof for the area, it will prevent the leaves from falling into the area again as i have designed it to over hang the shed roof and also go all the way to the topside fence. the leaves will then fall down topside fence and can be easily cleared but the pavers will never again get coated in debris,

temporarily this will allow me to take MANY things like wood OUT of the shed so i can have it EMPTY to nail/paint/grind etc whilst everything is protected under cover.

I also purchased a 3m x 3m closed gazebo tent thingy over xmas and that stores all the other stuff that was in the shed, this has been a GREAT purchase as i was moving things around over and over and over again as i worked on different parts, so the combo of the 2 will be GREAT.

once finished the topside “alley” 1.2mtr wide and 4.8 mtrs long 2 mtrs high will prove a fantastic place to have pots etc as storage in preparation for potting and sale.

i haven’t planned shelving or anything yet , that will be helenas concept.

its gonna look amazing once finished