cubby house / studio

the kids LOVE the “tiny house” tv shows, they have been hassling me since i built the greenhouse.

so with the help of bunnings throw away pallets and a few well purchased bunnings tools ( $$$ ) we started work on a cubby house, but the kids decided “cubby” wasn’t the word for them, they are really into video production, making their own movies , skits and even stop motion animations.

i got them a small “green screeen” and next thing the cubby house turned into a “studio” so a bit of redesign was needed and its almost finished, its just been a weekend project so i started it back in feb i think and all we have now is finishing the roof and putting in the floor.

other then screws, hinges, nails and the poly roof everything came from a pallet !



and then it all opens out to use as a stage for performances, i can’t wait to use it as my outdoor office 🙂


HONESTLY i didn’t pose my kids, they just did that! but looking at it now i don’t have to do a DNA test !