The Beginning

This first post will be long winded but i’ll break them down into smaller pieces in future.

what we have is a metal shed with a horizonal wood  ( 2×4 ) frame, its very simple and very well thought out.

its 4.2m long, 2.5 meters wide with just 3 metal tube frames, front , middle, back, these are then joined with bolts by 4.2m one piece wood, bottom, middle , top, the roof is metal tubing support on a 30degree angle, on top of them once again are 3 long beams on left and right creating a very strong structure.

the roof is covered with corrigated metal and the sides are square corrigated panelling.

all this is then bolted to a thick concrete slab which SLOPS from back left to front right, the reason for this is the land is on a hill and water comes through the neighbours YARDS downhill and then hits CONCRETE.

i’ll be putting in a significant “french drain” topside to prevent water coming in for the future.

the concrete may slop but the builders made the frame perfectly level from the bottom beam up, this slop wouldn’t be a problem but i intend to put french doors on the front so framing a sloping door jam should be fun for a novice.

next post : The Vision