Wooden Drill Press

So as part of helenas growing succulents we will be making decorative pots to put them in, helena has a long list of ideas but we are starting with cut tree branches and trunks, its funny how some trunks are thinner then other tree branches !

So we need to cut the trees up into the right height for the plants, drill a whole in the middle to plant in, different depths and widths etc, so to make this easy its best to have a drill press which we don’t have but we do have a good drill.

I whipped it up in a day after watching many youtubes and used found timber that was otherwise going to landfill.

The trees we cut up are old fallen branches and also fallen trees that the local council cut up, they mulch the small stuff but once it gets to about 15cm + across they just leave it neatly on the side of the road, it generally last no longer then a few hours if that as people get it for fire wood.

Lucky for us 2 LARGE gum trees have decided to die in our street, sad but they had to come down as gum trees are dangerous, so we have been able to collect alot of wood, also just 2 blocks away theu widened a road and thus had to cut down about 20 trees all only about 5 years old so trucks still 20cm ish wide.

Well here are the photos, i held a ruler next to it if you are interested, its made from some ply off a pallet top and some building of cuts. the slider i had already bought for a project never started